Posted by Eric Driessen on 6/20/2018


Footings are currently being poured for the building. Workers will start
building the gym then move toward the classrooms.

The parking lot is being updated with appropriate drainage and
preparation for lighting. Working with the city, enhancements will be made
to properly drain the runoff on 7th Street and prevent small flooding of
the road. The road and parking on the south and east side of the elementary
will be updated. All roads and parking are being prepared for lighting and
will be ready for paving including the bus lane.

The work will provide a lighted and paved parking lot for the school and
community use. It will lessen the congestion in parking areas. This work
will improve safety on 7th street with the updated parking and water runoff improvements.

The schedule to complete these projects will be to finish the parking areas this summer, except for the paving. They
may wait until next spring to pave due to equipment running across that area.

Everything that was advertised in the middle school and elementary are included in the buildings; performance center/
gym with stage and quality sound systems and lights, elevated walking track, a community classroom that can be used
for meetings, library etc.

State of the art security will be used in the middle school as well as the updated elementary and high school. Cameras
inside and out, card control doors, single entry entrance with buzz-in control, ID badges for everyone, automatic
lockdown and 911 calls. It will be an inconvenience for people who usually come into our buildings, but it will be the
best security we can get for the buildings and our kids. In addition the parking lots will well-lighted for safety.

The hope is to have the middle school complete in late spring/early summer, 2019. At that point, half of the
elementary students will move to the middle school while that part of the elementary is being remodeled. When that
half is complete, students will move into the remodeled area while they complete the remodel of the elementary, all to
be completed in 2020. Then the will start on the high school remodel.

The high school track will also be updated the summer of 2019.


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