• District Strategic Plan - District Strategic Plan

    Our mission is to empower all in the pursuit of excellence.
    To provide a healthy learning environment, in partnership with the community, where all students are prepared to be college and workforce ready, while honoring staff commitment, the celebration of student success, and the modeling and expectation of responsible citizenship.
    #1 - Increase the academic challenge and ensure the continuous improvement of learning and performance for all students.
    #2 - Promote meaningful Partnerships with our families and our community to support student learning.
    #3 - Utilize public funds and resources in a wise and efficient manner.

    School & District improvement is a continuous process we use to ensure all students are achieving at high levels. Setting and prioritizing program goals involved decisions and solutions based on careful consideration of multiple sources of data and current research of characteristics of effective schools All schools can in some way create better environments to insure more students are successful.  Each building has developed a School Improvement Plan and they are aligned with our District Improvement Plan.  Those plans have been focused to produce and Implementation Plan.
    Through these plans the District has a clear focus and a plan for improvement.  This clearity will assist us in the improvement of student learning. 

     Our efforts in the realm of School Improvement have been both numerous and positive. In the upcoming year, Implementation Goals include:

    We are encouraged by the results of our school improvement work and encourage you to contact the school and become an active partner in our efforts.  

    Brewster School District Performance Report

    Nine Characteristics -- Successful Schools