• Common School Law Manual

    A compilation of most of the laws enacted by the state legislature governing common school system operations and other titles containing laws affecting school operations. Also included are the administrative rules adopted to enhance the laws. 
    Part One—Common School Provisions:
    Title 28A RCW, Common School Provisions

    Part Two—Administrative Procedures:
    Chapter 34.05 RCW, Administrative Procedure Act
    Chapter 34.12 RCW, Office of Administrative Hearings
    Chapter 10-08 WAC, Model Rules of Procedure

    Part Three—Collective Bargaining:
    Chapter 41.56 RCW, Public Employees’ Collective Bargaining
    Chapter 41.58 RCW, Public Employment Labor Relations
    Chapter 41.59 RCW, Educational Employment Relations Act
    Title 391 WAC, Public Employment Relations Commission

    Part Four—Other Selected Laws:
    Chapter 26.44 RCW, Abuse of Children and Adult Dependent Persons
    Chapter 28C.04 RCW, Vocational Education
    Chapter 29.13 RCW, Times for Holding Elections and Primaries
    Chapter 29.21 RCW, Nonpartisan Primaries and Elections
    Chapter 39.04 RCW, Public Works
    Chapter 39.12 RCW, Prevailing Wages on Public Works
    Chapter 39.33 RCW, Intergovernmental Disposition of Property
    Chapter 39.34 RCW, Interlocal Cooperation Act
    Chapter 39.50 RCW, Short-Term Obligations—Municipal Corporations
    Chapter 42.17 RCW, Disclosure—Campaign Finances—Lobbying—Records
    Chapter 42.23 RCW, Code of Ethics for Municipal Officers—Contract Interests
    Chapter 42.30 RCW, Open Public Meetings Act
    Chapter 48.62 RCW, Local Government Insurance Transactions
    Chapter 60.28 RCW, Lien for Labor, Materials, Taxes on Public Works
    Chapter 70.190 RCW, Family Policy Council
    Chapter 84.52 RCW, Levy of Taxes

    Part Five—Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education:
    Title 180 WAC, Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education

    Part Six—Rules and Regulations of the Superintendent of Public Instruction:
    Title 392 WAC, Rules and Regulations of the Superintendent of Public Instruction