• About Our School

    Brewster High School

    Our goal is to graduate skilled individuals who recognize the value of learning and demonstrate their responsibilities to their community.

    Brewster High School provides students the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of interests. Students may choose course offerings that will prepare them for college, for vo-tech training, or for the world of work. We expose all high school students to a solid core of academic subject matter and to a school climate of high expectations. A wealth of co-curricular activities are available as well.

    Serving Student Needs

    In addition to Basic Education, some students receive additional support from various programs. There is a demonstrated student need for continued district involvement in federal and state programs that supplement local taxpayer dollars. These programs include:

    21st Century Grant
    Bilingual Education
    Four Makes Five
    Highly Capable
    Learning Assistance Program
    Migrant Services
    STAR Center
    Special Education
    Title I Regular
    Title I Migrant
    Title I Migrant Summer School