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  • Great Year
    It has been a great year.  We want to Thank the parents, community and staff for supporting the students of the Brewster School District.  We are excited about the direction we are moving and your support is an important factor in our students success. Have an outstanding summer.
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    If you would like to be on the regular email list for school information, please send an email to you will recieve regular updates as well as sending in any questions you may have.
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Bond News

  • Bond update March 2017

    Posted by Eric Driessen at 4/12/2017

    Middle School – Summer 2017 – Summer 2018
    Upon completion of the middle school, the performance center stage, gymnasium, and walking track
    will be available for use. During the summer of 2018 we will move half the elementary into the middle
    school, then begin remodel of the elementary school.Remodeling will be done in two phases.

    Elementary Remodel – Summer 2018 – Summer 2019
    During the remodel of the elementary school, half of the students will occupy the new middle school, the
    other half will remain in the elementary school and move as the remodel schedule dictates. In the summer
    of 2019, the middle school will be once again restored to new. Both elementary and middle school will be

    High School – Summer 2019 – Summer 2020
    During the summer of 2019 the track will be completed so it can be used in the spring of 2020.
    Students will remain in the high school and move as remodeling schedule dictates. In addition, the
    main gym, shop area, and kitchen will remain as needed, then be remodeled.

    As we move forward with the bond proposal there are a few community items on the list.

    First, the performance center/gym. As mentioned this is on track to be completed by the
    summer of 2018. When the bleachers are pulled out for a stage performance, community event or movie
    viewing, they will hold about 900 individuals. The gym floor is a regulation high school sized gym floor
    for sporting events. The walking track also scheduled to be completedthe summer 2018 and is a part of

    the middle school performance center/gym. The walking track will beabout 375 ft. in circumference.

    It will have 3, 3-foot lanes and windows on the south and east side for viewing.
    An electric key system will be used to monitor use and regulate usage times.

    Next is the pool cover. The pool cover was added to the bond proposal as a way provide additional opportunities
    to our kids and community. There are many variables that must fall into place for this particular
    bond proposal item to work out. First, there are about $300,000 worth of pool updates that need to take place.
    These updates would make the pool usable for another 25+ years. These updates would then allow for a quality
    retractable cover to be put into place that should last just as long. We are currently actively pursuing grants that would
    cover the cost of the necessary pool updates. If a grant is not obtained, then a decision to upgrade the pool
    with the bond proposal funds would need to be made. In other words, is it better to have a pool for the next
    25 years without a cover, or no pool at all? The city and the school district are working together to make this a
    reality. Three important considerations are the costs of updating the pool, the costs of a pool cover, and costs
    associated with maintaining the pool for more days than it is currently being used.
    When you add additional days, there are increased costs. There is the cost of life guards, pool management,
    and as the weather changes, additional energy costs in keeping the pool warm for use. So while putting
    a cover over the pool would provide year around use, there would be a concern about the amount of use

    that could be afforded, especially during the colder months and a decision would have to be made as to
    whether or not it made fiscal sense to keep it open. The pool can only be open if it brings in enough revenue
    to pay expenses. Ultimately, if for any reason the necessary items do not align for the pool and pool cover, the money in the
    bond proposal would be turned back to the people.That amount is about $300,000. Likely the pool items
    would be one of the last items to be worked on, allowing the opportunity to pursue grants.

    Our last item is the community library. The bond proposal discussed moving the community library
    from its current location to the school campus. This move could provide a nicely updated space
    with top of the line technology and access to other spaces as needed. In addition, it would increase the book
    inventory for student access through community library usage. Students would be required to
    have a signed permission slip to use the community library during school hours. With the current timeline, the elementary remodel
    will be the summer 2018 - summer 2019. The community library would be a part of the elementary remodel.
    There are four key stakeholders in making a decision like this. The North Central Regional Library (NCRL,
    the umbrella of our local library), the city of Brewster, the school district and the community. There have
    been numerous meetings with NCRL, school district and city of Brewster to look at the various issues that
    must be met to allow such a move. School District laws are stricter than those for the community library.
    You will be receiving an additional newsletter concerning concerning the community library on its own. In that newsletter
    we will be asking for your input about continuing the library in its current location or moving it to the
    school district campus.

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